The Very White of Love – Love Letters in Wartime by Simon Worrall

The year is 1939 and the world is, for the second time, at war. Oxford student Martin Preston is torn away from the love of his life, Nancy Whelan. In Simon Worrall’s debut novel that everyone’s talking about, The Very White of Love, love is both found and tested;  told through the letters between Nancy and Martin. Far from life in Buckinghamshire, Martin is sent to fight in France, and a correspondence that transcends nations, situation, and confinements is born. When Nancy is left waiting in 1940 with no word from Martin for months, her own world threatens to crumble like the one outside her door – but she knows that he is alive, and what follows is a testament to the endurance of love.

A story told with such empathy and imbued with soul, this novel is based on incredible genuine letters that Simon found hidden in a chocolate box, written between his mother and her fiancé. Praised for its stunning detail and tangible storytelling, the book is a reminder that in the trenches of man’s most vicious hour, something innocent and pure may still flourish. Simon has visited over 70 different countries, speaks six languages, and has enjoyed countless adventures. His appetite for the vastness of the human experience can be felt in his book, and you can catch Simon in conversation with Sally Laverack this year at the BridLit festival, discussing The Very White of Love and the incredible true story that inspired Martin and Nancy’s narrative.

Book tickets while they are still available – the talk will be a stirring exploration of the human spirit and the nature of love.

Thursday 8th Nov/ Event 22
10.00 AM
The Bull Hotel Ballroom

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