The Rise of the Outsiders – Peculiar Politics by Steve Richards

The Western world has been shaken, tricked, emboldened, and disgusted in turns by its own modern politics. Whether an individual’s alignment is left or right, centrist or self-removed, one thing is clear in this new era; the rule book is being rewritten. With legislation debuting on Twitter, and ministers cheered by football chants as if Question Time might be held on a pitch, where may countries turn in their messes of information and morality? Posited by award-winning political commentator Steve Richards in his new book, The Rise of the Outsiders, the answer is that the old giants have failed to evolve alongside the rest of the world, and, seeing this, the shadowy figures at the fringe of politics chose now to enter the spotlight. As a journalist for The Guardian and The Independent – between appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Week in Westminster and BBC1’s Sunday Politics – Steve definitely knows the nature of this particular beast.

Armed with knowledge and truth – one commodity that can’t be overvalued today – Steve’s The Rise of the Outsiders is illuminating in a time of confusion. To understand how mainstream politics has become so lost, he will shine a light on not only “the outsiders” that have taken centre stage in our lives, but the reasons that systems, having functioned previously, have given platform to this international entanglement of occasionally-dumbfounding spectacles…

Set to be a controversial, stimulating and informative talk, Steve will be featuring at the festival – don’t miss your chance for a seat.


Saturday 11th November / Event 32
4.30 PM
The Electric Palace

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