Owl Sense – An Ode to Owls by Miriam Darlington

Owls have been mythic heralds, ancient hunters, and have struck a balance in the animal kingdom between a reputation of fable and fact. Miriam Darlington, bird-watching aficionado and expect owl finder, has made it her mission in her new book Owl Sense to capture the entwined truth and tale about these iconic birds. With one clawed foot in the barns and trees of the world we know, owls have always had the other talon upon the shoulder of ancient goddesses, carrying brooms to young wizards, or watching fairytales unfold from high boughs.

How did owls come to loom so large in our lives, and the ecosystems around them? Owl Sense is the book that asks and answers what sets them apart and what makes them special; from their prowess as birds of prey, to their legendary repute, to the magnificence of the creatures close up. At this year’s BridLit Miriam will be giving an illustrated talk, introduced by James Crowden, sharing her wisdom and passion for these brilliant birds in a celebration of the animal world and life on Earth. It will be enchanting and memorable, just like the birds.

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Monday 5th Nov / Event 7
2.30 PM
The Bull Hotel Ballroom

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Windblown – A Dark and Stormy Memoir by Tamsin Treverton Jones

Thirty years ago the British Isles were struck without warning by a storm the likes of which were last documented in 1703 by Daniel Defoe. Trees were rent from the earth, buildings crumbled, and eighteen lives were lost in this gale that took the country by surprise. It ravaged all in its path in a way not seen since war held the landscape – and, Thirty years on, Tamsin Treverton Jones invokes the memory of this monumental night in 1987.

After discovering an old photograph of a sculpture her father designed, made from the patchwork of fallen trees from Kew Gardens, Tamsin set about creating a lyrical memoir to the landscape created by destruction and the stories left windswept in its wake. Windblown weaves Tamsin’s own memories of fishermen, refugees, sculptors and lighthouse keepers with the past, present, and future of the storm and its legacy.

The land has forever changed, but could it be for the better? A beautiful and exhilarating example of Nature Writing, Tamsin’s Windblown is set to release this year, and you can find her at an enchanting illustrated talk in conversation with James Crowden.

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Friday 10th November / Event 27
2.30 PM
The Town Hall

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