To Catch A King – Charles Spencer’s Action-Packed History

Acclaimed by Julian Fellowes as a “history with the pace of a thriller”, Earl Charles Spencer’s gripping new book, To Catch A King, might seem too good to be true, but it isn’t. Many historical events are legendary; fables of kings and queens are taught in schools and stories are often dramatized for entertainment, but, as Charles retells how King Charles II ran for his life from assassins and a crumbling Monarchy, we’re reminded that sometimes the truth is wild enough.

Using Pepy’s account, verified by Charles II himself, to testify for the verity of this jaw-dropping series of events, Charles plunges readers into a whirlwind of fast-paced action and deadly stakes as he unpacks the chase that took place three hundred years ago. Escaping enemies of he throne by disguising himself as one half of an eloping couple, hiding inside an oak tree (an event responsible for the “Royal Oak” name of countless British pubs) and even bringing the action down here to this part of West Dorset, Charles II restored the monarchy despite ridiculous odds. In an unpredictable and unbelievable tale that stunned the entire country, To Catch A King is a historical text quite unlike any other.

Do not miss Charles’ talk about this mind-boggling tale, effecting even the ground we walk on! To secure your seat for an incredible event, booking information is below.


Thursday 9th November / Event 24
6.30 PM
The Electric Palace

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