The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books – Edward Wilson Lee Introduces Young Columbus

While everyone has heard of Christopher Columbus, few know of his son Hernando. Dr Edward Wilson Lee intends to change that, and his new book The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books gives us insight to the incredible life and accomplishments of one of the most under-discussed historical figures to date. Born in 1509 in Spain as the bastard son of the coloniser Christopher Columbus, Hernando Colón was determined to surpass his father’s world-altering legacy, and he set about making a mark before he died at the age of just 49. In that short time, Hernando made possible the unbelievable.

Travelling all across Europe and buying every book he could get his hands on, Hernando put into motion his dream of creating one huge, universal library, in which all information would be available to everyone. Essentially, Hernando worked tirelessly to make what Edward Wilson Lee calls “the world’s first search engine”, and his collection reached 15,000 books which was completely unprecedented. As well as this, Hernando formed a dictionary and geographical encyclopaedia of Spain, and lent his skill to creating the first modern maps of the world, setting the basis for cartography today.

Edward’s talk will be a voyage of discovery into one of the most influential yet unspoken minds, and just how modern seemingly ancient ideas really are. Be sure to book tickets while you still can!

Friday 9th Nov / Event 29
11.30 AM
The Bull Hotel

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