Shakespeare in Swahililand – Edward Wilson Lee’s Lingual Exploration

It is undeniable that the “ever-living” poet has (perhaps mistakenly) a Eurocentric reputation. With his works based in settings such as Greece, Italy, Scotland, and France, should it seem surprising to imagine Hamlet’s troubles set a world away from Denmark? Or to imagine Romeo and Juliet torn apart by politics that aren’t Italian? When the work of the Bard was found far-removed from its home hemisphere, Edward Wilson Lee began his quest of discovery.

Returning to East Africa where he grew up, Edward set about recovering the historical reasons and motives for the global sharing of Shakespeare’s works, as well as their profound effects out of context. Called “vivid and full of insights” by The Independent, this book seeks to find out why the work of one man may be so globally adored and admired. An in-depth examination of the politics of “colonization and decolonization” as Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o puts it, Shakespeare in Swahililand investigates the presence and popularity of Shakespeare’s words, and their ability to travel from his pen in London to the tongues of travelling Indian troupes in Mombasa.

Edward’s sumptuous illustrated talk is not one to miss for any lover of Shakespeare.

Monday 7th November / Event 6
Time: 2.30 pm
Tickets: £10
Location: The Bull Hotel

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