Through a Glass Darkly: Power of The Past for Two Bestselling Authors

At any point, the past may seem distant and unreal; the tendency of history to replay like a fairytale tells us so. The truth, as bestselling novelists Michèle Roberts and Lucy Hughes-Hallett know, is that the past is always entangled with the present. No one could be what, where, or who they are without those that came before. In their novels, The Walworth Beauty and Peculiar Ground, Michèle and Lucy teach a masterclass in capturing the delicacy of humanity, the passage of time, and the threads of fate that bind and set free characters.

At the festival, both of these writers will be sharing the stage to discuss their common ground, their methodology, inspiration and vision. Author and poet, Michèle’s book The Walworth Beauty tells of two cities – two Londons – to be precise. Connecting Victorian London to the present day and exploring the fallout of history on a personal level between two characters, the story is elegant, haunting, vivid, and expertly told in a way that The Times commends as comparable to “Woolf and Keats”. Lucy, a cultural historian as well as writer, uses her debut novel Peculiar Ground to delve into the ghosts of generations within one house – a richly detailed and excellently crafted story of isolation, human connection and intricate heritage that The Guardian calls both “ambitious and accomplished”.

Don’t miss your chance to hear the imaginations of these novelists laid bare in conversation – tickets are still left, but it’s only a matter of time.


Monday 6th November / Event 7
The Bull Hotel

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