Mr. Gandy’s Grand Tour, Alan Titchmarsh’s Voyage of Rediscovery

One fractured family, one surprise redundancy, one big leap, and one huge world just waiting to be seen. Alan Titchmarsh‘s novel, Mr. Gandy’s Grand Tour, is a touching story of a one-man mission to finally connect with his home planet, and delve into the wild, whimsical and joyous experiences that all corners of it offer.

Presenter of Gardener’s World and Ground Force, all-round national treasure Alan Titchmarsh brings forth a novel of personal and global exploration. His protagonist, Timothy Gandy, feels stumped. His role in life appears stagnant, useless, and there seems to be something just out of reach. After tragedy strikes, he finds the motivation to change his fate; to no longer resign himself to an uninspiring, uneventful existence. Perfect for the globetrotting reader and for those who dream about our own peregrinations, Alan offer’s Mr. Gandy’s adventure to sate our thirst. Stumbling across J Addison’s account of his own Grand Tour in the early 18th century, Mr. Gandy sets off with a renewed sense of purpose. Leaving a family’s worth of mixed opinions, his doldrum life, and embracing the world with open arms, it’s a story not about the destination, but about the journey. This is an enchanting and empowering novel.

Miss his talk at your own peril, it’s set to be a fantastic journey.

Wednesday 9th November / Event 15
Time: 6.30 pm
Tickets: £10
Location: The Electric Palace

To book tickets, contact the Box Office over the phone or in person.
Box Office: Bridport Tourist Information Centre, The Town Hall, Bridport, DT6 3LF
Tel: 01308 424 901

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