Micromastery – Robert Twigger on The Art of Happiness

Why are Nobel Prize-winning scientists 22 times more likely to dabble in an art or craft than the ordinary scientist? It might have something to do with the fact that in this modern age, in which we are expected to choose one pursuit and dutifully pursue it, we too-often disregard the niggling sense that we are boxing ourselves in. After all, settling the human brain into a rut is a terrible waste of imagination. Robert Twigger asks in his new book, Micromastery, a playful, enlightening and surprising manual on how to pursue happiness and success in perfect harmony, “why stop there?

Robert is a local author whose research into micromastery has yielded wonderful tips from local maestros such as Madame Tussaud’s Mike Wade, and woodworker Peter Southall of Slader’s Yard. The secret to happiness doesn’t lie in stagnation, but in stimulation. Robert uses his experiences and findings to explain why we don’t need to limit ourselves to be fulfilled, yet specificity itself can be the very key to joy. You could be an accountant moonlighting as a pastry chef, or a pastry chef moonlighting as a cultivator of small potted plants – it doesn’t matter. Pick something that makes you happy, and give it room in your life to grow. Championing chances for creativity and the pleasure of progress through its eclectic and wonderful ideas, Micromastery encourages us to learn – and master – a new skill as often as we can. Be it cocktail-crafting, nail-painting, glass-blowing, or even just perfecting the ultimate tea-to-milk ratio, everything is good enough and there is everything to try! Let yourself live outside of your box little by little, and start small. Micro, in fact.

Micromastery is a life-changer in the most exciting way. There are no wrong answers, just your own personal stars to reach for, and happiness isn’t the finish line – it’s the entire journey.

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Wednesday 8th November / Event 15
10.00 AM
The Bull Hotel – Ballroom

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