London Rules – Crime Time With Mick Herron

Crime and Thriller are genres rarely shared with Comedy, and that is largely due to the fact that it takes a certain spin, a particular tone to marry the two. Multi award-winner Mick Herron strikes this balance with anti-protagonist Jackson Lamb, and a spy story suffuse with subterfuge, skulduggery, and side-splitting jokes.  London Rules is the fifth explosive instalment of Mick Herron’s spy series, and it is a masterclass in simultaneously wielding comedy and tension. Set in our post-referendum world, MI5 agent Jackson Lamb brashly tackles terror and terrorism and the perils of our shifting society with pacing and wit that has us laughing and gasping in turns.

Applauded as “a very funny writer, but also a serious plotter” by The Guardian, Herron has a wealth of knowledge on what makes a spy story tick, which may be why he’s been drawing comparisons as the new generation’s answer to the legendary Le Carre! Ready to take to the BridLit stage soon, Mick will be discussing how he puts his imagination to task to create a crime story in conversation with fellow crime novelist Daphne Wright. This is a must for lovers of espionage – and those who enjoy belly laughter. With heart-racing plot twists and dark humour abundant, Mick’s event is set to be as fascinating as his novel.

Don’t miss this spectacular glimpse into the inner workings of a comic crime writer’s mind – book tickets while you still can!

Alongside London Rules, copies of another of Mick’s novels, The Drop, will be available for signing! The Drop is a tale of spooks, double agents and collateral damage –

“A drop, in spook parlance, is the passing on of secret information.
It is also what happens just before you hit the ground.”

Friday 9th Nov/ Event 30
2.30 PM
Electric Palace

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